Friday, January 26, 2007

diabolical de burgh

OK, Jim Bliss - proud owner of a Chris De Burgh live album with Lady In Red on it - has been stuffing the ballot box of the poll in the sidebar. I reset the poll once before, but it's done no good.

So I've reset it and now each person only gets one vote, as opposed to Bliss' rabid this-is-the-most-important-thing-I-can-do-with-my-life repeat visits.

And people, let's be clear De Burgh is a fucking alien. He buys alien technology. He's even come out as some kind of mystic healer now. Yes, the hand that held the pen writing High On Emotion can be the hand that magically clears up your medical ailments.

Just like his attempt at distracting us by being nice to donkeys, now he offers miracle cures.

"A guy I met one time - he'd hurt his leg badly in a golfing accident," the 57-year-old, whose hits include Lady in Red, said.

"He was in serious pain, just below the knee, and I felt the area above had been traumatised.

"I started feeling and I'd say within 20 minutes, he was walking again. It took away the pain."

I wonder if he'd lay on his healing hands to cure your prolapsed piles. There's an image.

Not that I'd risk it anyway. Letting him near you would be all a bit too They Live crossed with Invasion of The Bodysnatchers if you ask me. He shuts down your sense of feeling so you can't resist or even perceive the lizardly takeover of all human institutions and minds.

Go vote in the sidebar and show that enough of us see the truth and will resist.


Anonymous said...

I like "Spanish Train"

"lervfuth" was the "anti-spam" word. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Don't pay the ferryman too! Rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Oh I see. So you set up a poll and despite writing several blog entries aggressively campaigning for your preferred option, you were forced to "reset the poll" because it delivered a response you disapproved of.

And then, when the re-vote goes even more heavily against your preferred option, you reset the poll a second time.

Worse, you trumpet this behaviour from a new blog entry as though it were something to be proud of. Have you no shame man?! This is exactly the kind of self-styled so-called "democracy" that you colonial types have foisted on Iraq. Tell you what; why not just start rounding up anyone who votes for an option you don't like and have them shot? Eh? Mass graves outside Wakefield. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Or why not just have done with it and restrict the vote to just one option and "disappear" anybody who objects.

It was people like you what started Nazi Germany. You and the rest of your donkey-hating ilk.

merrick said...

Don't give me such hanging chad horseshit, Bliss. It was, in actuality, people like *you* what started Nazi Germany.

Of course I explain my own position with passion and gusto, but I want leave it to the people to decide.

But you come along with your bullyboy jackbootery and decide to keep revisiting to vote over and over, making me forced to do the same for the option that's the truth.

Then when I hit a period of not being online every day, unlike you and your slavering De Burgh fansite trawling self, I find that you've utterly stolen the election.

One vote per person has been achieved at last on this poll. It's the culmination of a long march to freedom. You and your lizard-loving kind came here to repeatedly vote for lies and defecate on the graves of the Chartists, the Suffragettes and the anti-apartheid movement. But no more.

For now I have faith that the truth will be revealed clearly, and we all shall see; Jim and Chris De Burgh, sitting in a tree.

merrick said...

Those first two anonyposts - two supposedly different people supporting the same view with the same use of language in the same minute.

Your number's up, you devious lizard scumpig.

RA said...

it was me. you got me. RA