Monday, September 05, 2005

let the people decide again

Having pondered the meaning of Nick Drake, in January I put a readers' poll in the sidebar to let the people decide.

You get several options to say what you really believe Chris De Burgh to be.

Sadly, two regulars here at Bristling Badger - Jim Bliss and RA - kept voting for the 'Not very good but the first couple of albums have nice tunes on, which is more than you can say for Huey Lewis' option.

I think the public should also be aware that these defenders of De Burgh are also the only two defenders of Neil Diamond's recorded works I've ever met. They clearly forfeit the right to any credible opinion about music.

Anyway, the upshot was that this totally unacceptable response was romping ahead in the poll. I now confess that in order to counter this, I entered into a little untoward ballot rigging.

Then, for some reason, the poll disappeared. There was just a page saying the poll had closed, even though I'd not asked for it to do so. I fear Pollhost might have sussed my Orange Countyisms, but what I think is more likely and a lot more funny is if some fuckin Chris De Burgh fan googled in to the site and complained to Pollhost.

Anyway, I restarted the poll and left it for a geniune response. But this last week that 'he's not so bad' option has been creeping up. Jim or RA have noticed the poll's live again.

So please, my dear devoted reader, go vote in the sidebar poll. Do your bit for taste, decency, and the prevention of the world being conquered by shapeshifting lizards singing The Lady In Red.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I like a bit of Neil Diamond from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jim. I am encouraged to know that Mr Bliss also defends Diamond. I know he's done some real rubbish, but i defy anyone to listen to Morningside or anyone of his many really beautifull earlier songs or perhaps the live version of Cherry Cherry on "Hot August Night" and not appreciate that Beil Diamond is agreat songwriter and performer. I rate Spearhead and many other great bands as some of the best live performers I've seen and can say that Neil Diamond is almost up there too. I've seen him live three times and i had goose-bumps and watery eyes every time.

DeBurgh, however, is a twat.


merrick said...

Jim, even if for the sake of argument we say De Burgh did do one or two acceptable songs early on, do they actually warrant not voting to put him against the wall after the Revolution? Are those songs so great we should ignore his collusion with shapeshifting lizards?

it's people like you what allowed Nazi Germany to exist.

I suppose if you were given a multiple choice question saying 'Adolf Hitler was a) a butchering fascist responsible for countless crimes against humanity, or b) a fairly uninspired painter but, hey, there's worse out there' you'd vote B.