Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Upcoming Public Things on Spycops

I dunno, you wait ages for a speaking engagement then three come along at once.

I'm talking about Britain's political secret police three times in mid November.

First up is a Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance public meeting on Wednesday 12 November at 6pm at London Metropolitan University, hosted by LMU's Unison branch. Also on the panel will be Helen Steel (Police Spies Out of Lives and McLibel defendant) and Dave Smith (Blacklist Support Group). It's free entry and the general public are welcome.

Then on Saturday 15 November I'm speaking at ORGCon 2014. It's mostly about digital rights but I'm speaking in a session about surveillance called Nothing To Hide, Nothing To Fear. Alongside me will be Erin Saltman (Quilliam Foundation), Güneş Tavmen (Turkish Internet rights expert) and Eleanor Saitta (nomadic hacker, artist and designer).

Next day it's We Do Not Consent, Defend the Right to Protest's national conference. This is the biggest gathering of people spied upon so far. I'm on a panel with Rob Evans (Guardian investigative journalist and author of Undercover), Dave Smith (again) and Jenny Jones (member of GLA and its scrutiny committee the Metropolitan Police Authority). In other sessions there are dozens of voices worth hearing; Carole Duggan, Kevin Blowe, Marcia Rigg, Ewa Jasiewicz, Owen Jones and many more. Tickets are only £5 (£3 unwaged, £10 'solidarity price')