Saturday, March 03, 2007

justice at last

Nice to learn this:

Deep Purple's latest album has been withdrawn after the group told fans not to buy it.

Sony BMG made the decision after 61-year-old lead singer Ian Gillan commented on the poor quality of the record.

I hope Gillan will continue to be so honest and soon extend his comments to the poor quality of the rest of Deep Purple's records.

This, if there's any sort of justice in this world, will see Sony BMG withdraw the records and some kind of reparation orders served on Gillan by people who've spent money on them over the years, leaving Gillan destitute and skivvying around using his mullet to scrub the bogs in bowel disorder clinics in order to raise the cash.


Anonymous said...

Gillan is being horribly misrepresented in this vile piece. I bet you like bands like Yazooo and have a hair cut like Phil Oakey.

Purple are just to hard for a little turd like you.

Get yourself a few Motley Crue albums and live a little...

merrick said...

Actually I have hair like the Phil Lynott statue and a cock like Derek Small's cucumber.

Furthermore, I stuck a load of whizz up me nose and went mental down the front at Motorhead at Manchester on their last tour. I loved it so much I went and did it again a week later in Nottingham.

Motley Crue are just Bananarama with croaky voices and a distortion pedal. Deep Purple sound like Jeff Beck playing over an old Gerry & The Pacemakers single at 16rpm. I don't like them cos they don't rock *enough*.

So take your half measures and stick em up your fundament. You stay at home with your Europe B-sides and out-takes album. I'll be in the moshpit going fuckin nuts to Overkill.

Anonymous said...

You should write for the Daily Mail. With skills in distorting the truth like your peice above, you could even get me reading the Mail.

Admit it, you've been to see Supertramp and you loved it.

merrick said...

What do you mean by ME distorting the truth? It's you that think Ian Gillan makes something akin to music.

When I'm president of the universe anyone with a Gillan solo album will forfeit ownership of ears.

Anonymous said...

oh bollocks, that my lugs down the shitter, any chance of an ear amnesty as i like Patti Smith

merrick said...

Anonyperson, your grandad couldn't be in the blackshirts and the communists. Likewise, with Gillan and Smith it's an either/or choice.

Anonymous said...

fair dues, whilst Gillan is the only man on earth who makes David Coverdale look wholesome, and whose biography is probably the most annoying read in the universe and shows that in the dictionary next to the entry ''greasy fat slimeball twat''it should read ''See Ian Gillan'', it should be noted in his defence that he is on 'Made In Japan' 7th greatest live album ever, also the singer of 'No One Came' a song both profound and laughable at the same time means that his case isn't entirely lost.
Patti also has 12 as a black mark in her book, a record so bad that even 'Clear Air Turbulence' comes out ahead if only for the cover and the funky drummimg of Mark Nauseef