Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the climate vs the market

I've got a new article published over at U-Know.

It started life as an enraged response to Chris Huhne's performance at a panel debate in London the other week (the working title was 'Chris Huhne: Fuck Off'), but expanded into something that not only takes apart what he said but the beliefs that underpin it and motivate people like him.

He's from the LibDems, he's allowed to propose anything because he'll never get into power. The LibDems squander this position by trying to out-freemarket the others, even when - as with carbon emissions - the market is a proven failure and something fairer and mandatory is clearly needed.

You can tell they know they'll never get into power the way they big up being also-rans. As Jim Bliss noted, in 2005 the LibDem

conference was initially billed as "A Celebration" of the wonderful results achieved by Charles Kennedy's LibDems at the election. 6 months ago.

Look Charles, you came third. OK? Bronze medal. Third fricking place. What's with the celebration? Seriously.... think back to school, and think about the kid who came third in the 500m inter-school backstroke. I was that kid, so I know whereof I speak. That kid does not prance around like an arse with his bronze medal, holding it aloft for all to see. That kid takes the bronze medal, hides it away, broods for a month and decides to give up competitive sports completely and smoke pot and listen to music instead.

OK. So maybe that's a bit specific...

no third party in this country has any cause to celebrate until they are no longer referred to as "the third party"

The new article's called The Climate vs The Market.

Incidentally, bits of my last U-Know piece (the one about green electricity suppliers) are being lifted and slightly remoulded to make posts on Turn Up The Heat. The site was set up by George Monbiot when his book Heat came out. Its main intended function is to demolish climate greenwash. My bit about Npower's already up, and the Scottish & Southern Energy bit will join it shortly.

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