Friday, April 22, 2005

take your election and sticker it

A further nudge on the political stickers.

The Tory stickers have been appearing around here, with slogans like 'If you can’t pay for health care then you don’t deserve it', 'Tax evasion costs £25bn a year, 5 times the cost of benefit fraud. But the tax evaders are rich, so we should leave them alone' and 'I mean, nobody wants to live in a place where people aren’t white, do they?'

The folks who did the Tory 'it's time to round up the foreigners' one have done several more, such as;

All are available as nice easy ready to print Microsoft Word files from here.

Another place for excellent designs is who've run quality graphics on numerous worthy themes. I especially love the police recruitment ones. 'Like guns but scared of the army?' made me chortle, and there's also these

And on the ID cards / terrorism laws thing:

Have more of a say than one X on a piece of paper. Let people know they're not alone in seeing through the PR bollocks and the centre-right media monopoly. Go get some stickers.

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Over at they've got a great gallery of subvertised Tory billboards. My favourite is 'the law should protect me, not burglars!', with 'burglars!' deleted and replaced by 'the rich!'. Although sticking the BNP logo over the Conservatives one is mighty clever too.

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