Saturday, April 09, 2005

bush anxiety

A little more on the recently deceased cannibal bigot.

I'm not going to talk about the anti-condom thing - others have done it far more powerfully and eloquently than I could - except to ask why people focus on that particular aspect of Vatican rulings on sex. They also proscribe sex outside of heterosexual monogamous marriage. If people obeyed that then the AIDS/condom thing wouldn't really crop up.

It seems to me that in only having condom use as the area under dispute there's a sliver of acceptance of the innate rightness and supremacy of monogamy, heterosexuality and marriage.

Anyway, the thing I really want to mention was the potential for comedy in the seating arrangement's at the funeral.

Initially, the plans were to seat leaders in order of how long they'd been in office. This would've put Bush pretty much at the back, behind Blair, with seats for Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe on the front row.

If only they'd done it, purely from a perspective of how this would've made Bush feel.

Sadly, they dropped that plan and went for ordering them alphabetically according to how their country's name is spelt in French. Much less humiliation for Bush (Etas-Uni), although he still had to sit next to Chirac.

Additional Bush discomfort must've been caused by the Vatican's total gun ban. Not even bodyguards were packing.

One can but imagine the effect of this on Bush - when was the last time there wasn't a travelling ring of armed guards radiating from him in all directions? Imagine how he must've come to psychologically rely on that, what a security blanket it must be, and how uneasy and anxious he must've been without it.

So, something good amongst all the mourning and sycophantic drivel.

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