Tuesday, April 05, 2005

dust on the stylus

My Badgerly self has been busy elsewhere in cyberspace (is 'cyberspace' an outdated term yet? You really don't see it around as much as you used to).

That posting about Rachel Corrie has been expanded into an article that's been published here.

Also, I've started an MP3 blog. As someone who has spent years in quasi-religious appreciation of records, I've a lot of peculiar little corners in my record collection and, having been getting quite heftily into other MP3 blogs, I've launched out with Dust On The Stylus.

There'll be a new MP3 every few days, could be anything I think is obscure yet worth hearing, mostly stuff from the vinyl era with, I suspect, a bit of leaning towards 1980ish to 1992ish. But we'll see.

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