Monday, March 08, 2010

tories: like the last 50 years never happened

In January, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan was on Any Questions. He defended the Conservative plans to give tax breaks to married couples as actually being good for women's needs, saying

there may be women with partners who are given an extra argument for getting a ring on their finger by this. They’re able now to say well here is an incentive.

Because we're still living in the 1950s, a land of stereotypes where women want marriage and men try to avoid it.

Around the same time (the Any Questions show in January, not the 1950s), I plugged the site doing spoofs of the creepy Conservative poster campaign.

There have been several new ones since that tickled me, especially this one

Conservative Withnail poster

The campaign was too alien and faux-presidential, so they've replaced it with ones that have pictures of Ordinary People.

They tackle our visceral hatred head on, aiming squarely at people who've never liked them.

'I've never voted Tory before but...' poster

Straight out of the gate, the spoofers hit back

'I've never voted Tory before but this fox stew tastes delicous' spoof poster

But more interestingly there's another spoofing site that uses 'I've never voted Labour before...'.

Although it's a pro-Tory site, it actually serves to show us what they're really - and always have been - about.

It includes this one.

Because Labour are letting in lots of immigrants, and all immigrants love Labour's policies. And we all hate immigrants.

It echoes the one in the comments on - him again - Daniel Hannan's blog post

I’ve never voted Labour before because I’ve just been granted asylum from Baghdad.

This, even more starkly, shows that for the Conservatives the last fifty years haven't happened - it's just paraphrasing a slogan they used back then. In the 1964 general election, the Conservatives fought for the Smethwick seat under the slogan 'if you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour'.

Don't let the young man from the PR firm Michael Rimmer David Cameron fool you. It's still the same Conservatives as it ever was.

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