Friday, March 26, 2010

de burgh: the mao of merseyside

A football team's colours are key to their identity. Fashions have come and gone, hems of shorts have gone from the knee to the crotch and back again, empires have risen and fallen, but the colours remain.

Wearing them to the match is part of the ritual, it declares the wearer to be part of something greater, something that pre-dates them and will live on after they're gone. The unbroken sweep of the same colour is part of the atmosphere in the ground.

So it's a big statement when Manchester United fans abandon their red, black and white and start wearing yellow and green. These were the original colours of the team when it started a over a century ago. They're being worn again as a statement about the roots of the club, specifically against their present capitalist scumfuck owners.

The takeover of top-flight football by Very Big Money Indeed affects all clubs, especially the 'big four' in England; Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

So, where would you go if you were looking for an unwitting army to conscript? If you want unswerving lifelong loyalty in a group tens of thousands strong, where better to place yourself than at the head of a supposed people's revolt in their name?

So it is that we see the recruiting sergeant of totalitarian shapeshifting lizards setting himself up as the Mao of Merseyside, pitting himself against Liverpool's present directors and painting himself as a scouse man of the people.

Laying into Liverpool's owners, Chris De Burgh said

These people are not football supporters, more importantly, they are not Liverpool Football Club supporters and they should go.

As an Argentinian-born Irish aristocrat, Chris De Burgh couldn't mock us more heartily. After the dark day of usurpment we will wonder how we were ever taken in by such talk.

The teams of the Premiership elite have an unmatched devout following, with 50,000 people jostling for tickets at every match, followed by millions around the world watching their every move with awe and adulation. And here he comes riding that focus, the Pied Piper of Argentina, leading us into lizardly dystopia.

If he's being so brazen, he must be confident that there is little time left to confront him. We might have only days to go.


John B said...

Without wanting to excuse Mr De Burgh any of his myriad crimes, aren't most Liverpool fans (in the "traditional fan" rather than "Thai" sense) of Irish extraction?

Anonymous said...

Lizards! Please don't give the media an excuse to bring up David Ike.

merrick said...

Irish extraction's one thing. Colonial family who bought an Irish castle to lord it over the repressed is another.

If Liverpool fans are in touch with their Irish heritage then they should rise up against De Burgh on those grounds alone, let alone his dastardly waymaking for the lizard usurpers.

Anonyperson, David Icke is a distraction, a freak show to distract us and discredit those who would tell the truth. He's probably working for them too, deliberately being absurd.

As Verbal Kint says, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

Witchsmeller Pursuivant said...

Could I just point out that although the vultures of Very Big Money are circling the Arsenal, the club has not yet succumbed.