Tuesday, November 23, 2004

cow parade - i'm lovin' it

As a hardcore bovophile, I strongly approve of the Cow Parade.

It's a bunch of life-size fibreglass cows that get expertly painted in all manner of bizarre ways and then distributed around a locality for a while, from Tokyo to Brussels, Auckland to the Isle of Man.

In a break with several centuries of tradition, Manchester was made temporarily beautiful last summer. You'd randomly come across a cow in a bar or train station. That sort of thing should happen more often.

Whilst in Prague, the wonderful Karen saw one of them superbly subverted.

This cow

was unusual in that it is depicted doing something cows don't really do, apparently in the last stages of eating a human.

This pose meant it needed no alteration except the proper caption to make it a masterpiece.

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RC said...

Couldn't see a email address. But I've added a link to your blog from mine. Nice ain't I? Liked the cow btw.