Monday, March 17, 2008

it's a made-up drug

Anyone familiar with Brass Eye's drugs episode, an especially the use of Cake, may get a sense of deja vu as life imitates art.

If you're not familiar with Cake, check this:

The mighty officers of Thames Valley Police recently sent out a warning to schools about 'strawberry meth', a strawberry flavoured version of crystal meth being given away outside school gates by dealers.

It was, of course, a load of arse. The cops retracted it and apologised.

Chief Inspector Dennis Evernden said: "One of our officers, who is new to his post, received the e-mail internally in good faith and forwarded it on to the schools in West Oxfordshire to warn them"

I love the last line in the report that tells us 'the force would not be holding an internal inquiry over the incident'.

Shouldn't they be curious about how such blatant Cake twaddle could be taken seriously by someone in a position of power? And hopefully go on review what else they tell people about drugs, with an eye to whether that's a load of made-up bollocks too?

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Anonymous said...

Clearly all the cops involved had previously ingested Cake, and the subsequent changes to their Shatner's bassoon altered their time perception, leading to this rash move.