Saturday, July 07, 2012

boris the bigot strikes again

Boris Johnson shambles along with his ill-chosen words and messy hair, and we see him as a bumbler who can't really do much harm. Ronald Reagan had a similar schtick when he went into politics, even though he was an accomplished union buster before he quit Hollywood.

Those who had personal experience of Johnson's tenure as editor of The Spectator testify to his sharp intellect, swift and complex grasp of issues, and persuasive methods to ensure he got exactly the articles he wanted out of his staff.

But, like Reagan before him, he knows the un-PC errant uncle routine is a great way to make even your opponents reluctant to call you out on your extreme right wing ideology. A laboriously constructed image of not being in thrall to spin is the way he spins himself.

Let's be clear about him. He's a vicious bigot who attacks the marginalised and favours the rich. Being in charge of a city utterly reliant on public services and containing the poorest boroughs in the country, he has special opportunity for damage and as such voting for him is far worse than voting for some quiet backbench rural Tory in Dorset.

The London Mayor's office and associated Tory establishment have sabotaged this year's Pride march. Now I know modern Pride is a far cry from the courageous political rallies of 40 years ago when it was a few hundred people being jeered by their police escort, and these days it's a pink-pound corporate jamboree. But really, I don't think that's why the Mayor has undermined it, do you? For the real reason, let's remind ourselves that Johnson likened gay marriage to bestiality.

Peter Tatchell lists many of the ways the event has been stymied, including:

- The Mayor insisted the start time be brought forward by two hours, citing 'safety issues' and 'problems' but refused to say what they actually were. This means people who already booked travel tickets wouldn't be able to join in.

- Greater London Authority insisted on Pride paying all money up front, even though guaranteed sponsorship money wouldn't come in till after, and even though the GLA didn't cough up its promised funding in time. 

 - They banned not just floats but all vehicles from the parade, effectively barring people who need vehicles for mobility.

- Westminster council sent a threatening letter to gay venues warning them that their licences could be revoked if they play music that is "audible outside of your premises", saying that Pride day must be treated like "any normal day".

It's all been done to run it down and discourage people from attending, seemingly solely because the Tories are an evil gang of bigoted scumfucks. We haven't heard much about that though, as the Mayor insisted Pride run all press releases past them first, and made changes in order to spin the Mayor's position.

And meanwhile, the much larger 'safety issues' around for the Olympics can be readily dealt with or ignored, anything needed for that is just fiiiiiiine.

Fuck Johnson, fuck the Tories, fuck everyone who voted for them.


Sandman said...

You think he is homophobic because he wrote in an article he is open minded to gay marriage, polygamy and bestiality. :rolleyes:

You show much more hatred towards the 30% of the population who vote Tory than Johnson has ever shown towards gays.

Never understood why anarchists hate small-state Tories so much. Your Imagined caricatureS are more demented than the Daily Mail's depiction of booze-fueled anarchists

merrick said...

Damn right I hate Tories more than Johnson has displayed towards gays. People who prefer different sex to me aren't hurting anyone. People who advance an agenda of inflicting deliberate misery, suffering and death on people for not being born rich deserve the scorn and opposition.

Nifty footwork on your reading of Johnson's quote. Let's look at it again.

"if gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men, or indeed three men and a dog."

And you really think he's suggesting that marrying dogs is OK? As opposed to citing something that's obviously ludicrous in order to make the point that gay marriage is iffy? Excuse me while I borrow the :rolleyes:off you.

Sandman said...

Re-reading I accept that I was wrong in suggesting he was indicating being open-minded in principle. I still don't accept that he is equating gay marriage with bestiality. It looks like bestiality was mentioned as an absurd conclusion of allowing other types of marriage unions.

Furthermore it was written in the past tense. Was he saying he used to subscribe to the slippery slope view? It's a quote without context so I guess we don't know.

But never mind, eh - all tories are scum yeah, especially the gay ones.

merrick said...

Er, it's clear that he is not talking about a progression but says that the principle of all three things he mentions is the same. He is clearly equating gay marriage with bestiality.

And yes, all Tories are bastards. To cheer on the victimisation of people for not having jobs that don't exist, to venerate the accumulation of wealth even if, like Cameron, Osborne and IDS, you did nothing to earn it, to stage a full frontal assault on the NHS - the country's most cherished and humane institution - and yet to only rise up and revolt at the prospect of people not being allowed a position in the lagislature based on who their dad was. Arrogance, money worship and inhumane, anti-social bigotry at large.

'Scum' wouldn't necessarily be my first choice of word, but seeing as you've handed it over, yeah, I'll use it.