Tuesday, May 04, 2010

bnp in 'bullshitting again' shock

It was pretty mad that UKIP used Churchill on their leaflet for the European elections last year. But not as mad as the BNP putting Nick Griffin next to Churchill on their new leaflet.

Not that they're a hate-based party or anything, no. I mean, who isn't motivated to vote out of a desire to 'get even'?

I've recently had the singular pleasure of seeing the latest copy of the BNP's quarterly magazine Hope And Glory. I know, I know, insert your own barrely-fishy-firearmsy metaphor here.

First up, their slogan for the general election.

In the late 1980s, following Tina Turner's hit single Simply The Best, a significant percentage of small businesses in Britain (and I'm more than willing to bet this was true for the USA too) used 'simply the best' as their slogan.

Lifting someone else's slogan is pathetically unimaginative. It says you've no idea about your own identity and no imagination. And that's true even without it being as vacuous as 'simply the best'. As a practice, it's as bad as the unfunny, desperate, can-we-end-the-meeting-please organisations that agree to call themselves 'The ----- With No Name'.

So, how could the BNP beat their anti-immigration leaflets last year using images of Polish pilots defending Britain in WW2, and foreigners from stock-image sites as the hard-working British taxpayers?

How about an act that involves displaying a lack of identity and importing ideas from a black foreigner?

The magazine itself is, of course, filled with bile and twaddle. Stuff about European Human Rights being 'Islamo-Marxist'. (That's the same European Convention on Human Rights that Churchill signed us into).

One thing did catch my eye though. They have the text of a speech Griffin made to the European parliament. He says that belief in human-caused climate change is

a refusal to accept scientific reality. According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, Arctic summer sea ice has increased by 409,000 square miles, or 26 percent, since 2007.

He goes on to say this means human-induced climate change isn't happening and it is, in point of fact,

the most expensive Big Lie in human history

Elsewhere, he says we should pay people of recent foreign descent fifty grand each to leave Britain. In case this isn't offensive enough, he makes an exception for Irish people because he regards them as British. We can, he says, pay for this by stopping our spending on climate change measures.

Back on their election leaflet, they say they'll raise pensions by ending spending on adaptation measures for 'non existent Climate Change'.

Now I don't expect his opinions on climate change to make any more sense than the rest of his lip-diddly fuckwittery. You'd need to be almost as much of an cockwad as Griffin himself to start looking for evidence-based thinking in the BNP.

But still, that Arctic ice figure he cited is very specific, and the US National Snow and Ice Data Center is a body to trust. So what's the score?

Stick that figure into Google and you hit denialist blogs saying what Griffin says and that

most of the Northern Hemisphere is much colder this winter than it's been in decades - and the Southern Hemisphere is cooler, too.

Even though the truth is that

The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for January 2010 was 0.60°C (1.08°F) above the 20th century average of 12.0°C (53.6°F). This is the fourth warmest January on record.

So, what do the US National Snow and Ice Data Center actually say about the Arctic ice?

At the end of the Arctic summer, more ice cover remained this year than during the previous record-setting low years of 2007 and 2008. However, sea ice has not recovered to previous levels. September sea ice extent was the third lowest since the start of satellite records in 1979, and the past five years have seen the five lowest ice extents in the satellite record

As the Met Office explained

Global warming does not mean that each year will be warmer than the last. Natural phenomena will mean that some years will be much warmer and others cooler.

You only need to look at 1998 to see a record-breaking warm year caused by a very strong El Nino. In the last couple of years, the underlying warming is partially masked caused by a strong La Nina. Despite this, 11 of the last 13 years were the warmest ever recorded.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I suppose the anonymous commenter above is full of bullsh..

Has anyone else noted that BNP supporters online are mostly illiterate, type in capital letters and seem like the "AOL'ers" of days gone by?

Then again the BNP relies on the thickie vote. Which is evil to take advantage of others' vulnerabilities.

Anonymous said...

So we can take it you support the MMGW lie, think mass immigration is good for Britain and you think our troops dying in an illegal war along with tens of thousands of innocent people is a good thing?

Thick arrogant jumped up twat.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are absolute fail. We got a leaflet about them through the door and it went straight in the bin. It wasn't even worthy of being recycled.

Anonymous said...

Another supporter of the above.
Sick bastards you lot, thank God for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment that political correctness is bullshit.

Not saying things to be hurtful is just common courtesy, and you have to balance people's right to say things with other people's rights not to hear them.

I expect that's not what they meant though, somehow...

Anonymous said...

The BNP really are hilarious. Using 'Get even' on election leaflets? Yes, that really comes across as thoughtful & rational, not like the mad ranting of an unbalanced, vengeful nutter.

Anonymous said...

You'd be hilarious if you weren't so fucking sad, do you spineless numpties like being robbed by a bunch of lying greed scumbags in Westminster?
Why do you support these murderous illegal war starting,EU puppets?

Unknown said...

I would like to ask those BNP supporters if they where aware that the party failed to publish their European parliament expenses? This is a party that campaigned against wasteful spending after the expences scandle.


Anonymous said...

“Andrew sent the following letter to the Daily Telegraph earlier today:

Dear Sir,

Your reference to me in an article on MPs’ expenses was misleading and mischievous. The main article was about living expenses claimed by Members of the Westminster Parliament, against whose greed and dishonesty we campaigned during the European elections. However, MEPs do not claim living expenses: we receive a flat rate subsistence allowance. Whilst there is no requirement to keep any record of how that is spent, I have kept a record of money spent on accommodation, hotels and meals, which I show to my colleagues in case they should think that I am enriching myself. I have never heard of any other MEP keeping such a record. The only other personal expense received is for travel. I make a claim only for amounts expended (the exact fare if I fly and the exact mileage if I drive or am driven). The amounts received in both subsistence and travel are on public record and I am not under any obligation to make any other return.
The allowances are quite distinct from personal expenses and cannot be used for personal enrichment or personal expenditure. The General Expenditure Allowance (for office expenses in the UK) is paid at a flat rate of 4,202 Euros per calendar month. I have it paid into a separate account and I keep a strict record of all money spent from it. If there is a surplus at the end of the year, I shall declare that surplus to the relevant office. I have not been asked to make any return but I have the exact figures if I am asked to do so.
Each MEP receives an annual amount of 43,697 Euros for communications with constituents. I have spent money on printed newsletter informing constituents of what I have been doing in the European Parliament and on newspaper advertisements inviting them to contact me if they should need my help. The content of any communications is scrutinised by the Parliament and there are strict rules to ensure that party logos do not exceed a certain size. The amounts spent are on public record. There is no obligation for me to make any other return.
Each MEP is allowed to spend over 17,000 Euros per calendar month to employ staff to help him or her in the role of MEP. They help me with office management, correspondence, production of my newsletters and advertisements, distribution of my newsletters, routine research into the EU and its activities and very particular research into matters that appear on the agendas of my committees and matters on which I must vote in the plenary session. MEPs of the large groups simply vote as they are instructed: we must decide individually and together how we should cast our votes. The persons employed and amounts paid are all on public record. There is no requirement to make any other return.
I was in the Parliament in Strasbourg throughout the week beginning 8th March and no attempt was made to contact me. It was only in the late afternoon of Thursday during my return trip from Strasbourg that I heard indirectly about your attempt to send me a series of questions. Why did you not contact my office when you knew that I would be there? The answer must be that you had already decided to write that I had declined to comment.
Yours faithfully,

Andrew Brons

British National Party MEP for Yorkshire & North-East Lincolnshire

Anonymous said...

But why are the bnp the only party who don't publish their spending records? The other parties do. And what is the point of Andrew Brons keeping his own records and not showing them to anyone?



Anonymous said...

I care more about the £BN's of pounds the 3 mainstream parties are going to give in foreign aid to countries that have nuclear weapons and space programs, i care more about the £18 Billion that will be wasted on the MMGW lie, i care more about the Billions waste on the EU we need out.

Anonymous said...

This country faces economic collapse and you're problem is 2 MEP's expenses, FFS.
There is no recovery, just cover up, you wait and see.4 years tops.


Anonymous said...

So to presume you can trust a party that can't be bothered to publish it's spending, let alone that most of its high ranking members have criminal convictions. You are either blindly loyal or one of it's minions based in Northern Ireland who is employed to spread misinformation on the internet.

Anonymous said...

The expenses are there above if you bothered your sad arse looking.
Criminal convictions.
And no i don't live in Northern Ireland. Stop smoking da weed man.

Anonymous said...

You talk about criminals, do you not think taking our country into an illegal war and the supporting of illegal war is a crime? Did the BNP do this?
Have they killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

Anonymous said...

Erm...The accounts are late and begin with:
"All accounts and expenses will be published on this page for complete transparency as soon as they become available."
Full accounts still not available.

The illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are wrong but so is supporting a party led by British Fascist who were members of the Neo-Nazi National Front. Both Andrew Brons and Nick Griffin were members.
The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews during the 2nd world war. Nick Griffin is a convicted Holocaust denier.

You propose that this country be led by someone who failed to grasp the most blinding of truths.

Criminal activities.

Ian Hindle, 32, and Andrew Wells, 49, plied two 14-year-olds with alcohol before taking advantage of them, Preston Crown Court heard.

Robert Bennett. A leading activist in Oldham BNP during the 2002 elections campaign, Bennett has served five years in prison for the gang rape of a woman. He has also served seven years for armed robbery and has over 30 convictions in total.

See link below for dozens more:

At least the Conservative councillor got suspended. The BNP just don't seem to care.

So are you being paid overtime in the run up to the election? You must be working night shifts in these final days though I'm sure you'd much rather be spending your time on stormfront.org

Anonymous said...

You really are a sad delusional paranoid lefty fruit-cake, nazi Germany has nothing to do with Britain 2010 has it?
Tony Blair was in CND and other peace movements, now he's a mass murderer and war criminal.
Stalin killed 20 million of his own people, you lefties worship him.
We can never under estimate the hypocrasy and hatefulness of the left.
I'll be voting BNP for the first time on the 6th as will 20-30 other people i know, we'll be voting for the polices of the BNP 2010.

Anonymous said...

missing i

Anonymous said...

I hope the money is worth selling out your friend and family. Personally there is no amount of money that I would do that for.

I am not and never was a supporter of Stalin. I have already said I did not agree with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

You are posting because you are being paid. I am posting because I am one in a majority of the British population that knows that all everyone wants is to live their lives in safety and just get along with people. We don't want to be filled with hate, like you are. Most people are or want to be good. I feel sorry for you. You are voting for a party that is represented by these people:

vIan Hindle, 32, and Andrew Wells, 49, plied two 14-year-olds with alcohol before taking advantage of them, Preston Crown Court heard.

Robert Bennett. A leading activist in Oldham BNP during the 2002 elections campaign, Bennett has served five years in prison for the gang rape of a woman. He has also served seven years for armed robbery and has over 30 convictions in total.

See link below for dozens more:

Please demonstrate some independent thought. Those girls could have been your daughters.

Anonymous said...



The Indigenous British are more mixed up than you dreamed possible.

Have you had your DNA tested? Do you qualify?

merrick said...

Well, I'll ignore the interesting accusations of worshipping Stalin (does *anyone at all* do that in the UK?), supporting the Iraq war, seeing as they have about as much basis as the issue in hand.

The poi nt fo this post was to highlight Nick Griffins assertion that the US National Snow and Ice Data Center figures disprove anthropogenic climate change. I quoted the opening paragraph of the page where they released the data, and it shows nothing of the kind; quite the opposite.

Do our visitors from the BNP agree?