Friday, April 30, 2010

munt for wells

The Liberal Democrats, like the other parties, produce a standard format poster for their candidates. It's an orange or yellowy square on end, like a Baby On Board car sign, or an Australian road warning.

Dunno about you, but I'd rather see a camel as prime minister with a cabinet of kangaroos and wombats than have the LibDems in power.

Anyway, they usually plump for having the candidate's surname emblazoned across the middle.

But they've made a solitary killjoy exception, opting to use the forename of their candidate for Wells in Somerset, a certain Tessa Munt.

Just imagine. These posters could have been soooo much better. Miserable buggers.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time I had to introduce a gentleman called Mike Hunt...

punkscience said...

What's your opinion on tactical voting, Merrick? I'm in a Labour stronghold (Plymouth) but who knows what'll happen this time. I'm contemplating viting Lib Dem because the Greens don't stand a dog's chance at a Vietnamese Cookery Convention.

merrick said...


If you vote for any of the main three parties, they'll say 'we have been given a mandate for our manifesto of continuing PFI, the war in Afghanistan, retaining nuclear weapons, keeping drugs criminalised, locking up asylum seekers, slashing public servvices and the suiscidally insane pro-growth plans'. And they'd be right to say that.

But, much as my gut wants me to say it, I cannot pretend there's no difference between the parties, so on balance I hold my nose and vote. It is apparent that the Tories would be much worse than the other two. Any evidence required, see Johann Hari's article. That's reason enough.

Additonally, if the Tories win we'll get no electoral reform, whereas if it's a coalition then they'll be forced into it by the LibDems. This will not solve all our problems, or even a good portion of them. But it will stop elections being about appealing to a few thousand voters in marginal seats who are too dim or gullible and who will change parties on a whim.

George Monbiot's recent article on Plaid Cymru's radical position - and position of power - cited the fairer voting system as one of the reasons that more radical voices get a say in Wales.

So, for me it's about keeping the Tories out.

Personally, I live in an unshakeably Labour safe seat, so I would vote Green if we had one. However, we also have the BNP standing and if they get less than 5% of the vote then they lose their deposit, so I'm definitely turing out, voting for an independent.

General elections are a tiny and very imprecise tool, controlled by the powers we need to shed if we are to have a just and sustainable future, and we must ensure we're not fooled into believing that they are democracy alternative election message

punkscience said...

Great stuff, thanks! Although as the Lib Dems are campaigning for electoral reform I don't think they could honestly claim to have won a mandate from a system they condemn as unrepresentative.

I'm all for keeping the Tories out- I'd even vote for Trident/genocide/bank loving labour if it keeps that plastic fucktard out of Downing Street.