Friday, October 16, 2009

everyone move to leeds

David Cameron may bang on about Broken Britain, but there's clearly an oasis of Dock Greenesque peace and social harmony in West Yorkshire.

There is a complete absence of domestic violence, street robbery, rape, large scale tax evasion and drunk driving in Leeds. There is scarcely a dropped fag butt and no standing around looking shifty or visible flouting of building regulations. We can be certain of this.

Why else would their local CID take the time to call at houses this afternoon just to let the residents know that the police think some people at the address were planning on going on the Great Climate Swoop protest tomorrow?

When detectives are telling you that some of your friends might be going to go somewhere in another constabulary where some people might be engaging in peaceful direct action, surely they've already solved all the reported crime, polished all the Chief Constable's silver buttons, sharpened all the pencils, done the lotto syndicate and all that day's crosswords and are now just gormlessly drumming their fingers on their impeccably tidy desks dreaming up stuff up to do.


Anonymous said...

lol - actually it's really just part of an ambitious and laudable attempt by the Leeds constabulary to extend community policing. I think it's a really useful service - "So that's where they are! I'll give their dinner to the dog."

IhadTOsignUPjustTOpostAcomment said...

Gillingham in Kent must also be almost crime free too. Last night the cops took the time to swing by the Tipping Point shop. They loitered outside in their watching us watch a video of people shutting down a power station and then having a jury decide that any criminal acts commited where completely reasonable and proportionate compared to the damage caused by burning the coal. Funny old world.