Monday, August 24, 2009

mosh or be elsewhere

I just bought tickets for Motorhead at Leeds Academy. The person at the box office said there were 66 left for standing and just over 100 left in the seats.

This means over two hundred people have chosen to buy seats even though there's room in the stalls.

Who the fuck are these people? Excepting those with a relevant disability, anyone who would prefer seated tickets for Motorhead shouldn't be allowed any tickets for Motorhead.

Top of the list for my first decree when I'm president of the world.

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RA said...

I know who those people are who only ever book tickets on the balcony.

Years ago.. probably late 80's i think, I went to see Skid Row at the Royal Court in liverpool. They were shite, as you'd imagine. I can't remember why I went. I think the ticket was free and I was pursuing a girl called Nicky who was going..

Part way through a mate pointed up to the balcony behind us. On the front row were about 20 girls, all with their t-shirts pulled up and showing the band their chests. Perhaps the same lasses are off to see Motorhead?