Friday, July 10, 2009

green britain day

Advert for Green Britain Day

Today is Green Britain Day, sponsored by power company EDF.

Under the government's Renewables Obligation, electricity suppliers must source a minimum amount of their power from renewable sources. This year, that's 9.1%.

EDF get only 6% of theirs from renewables, and must therefore pay a fine or buy credit from other people's certificates of renewable generation. They get 49% of their electricity - above the UK average - from coal, the most carbon intensive form of generating power yet devised.

Corporate Social Responsibility will continue to be little more than PR for as long as it is easier and cheaper to spin than to change.

- Corporate Watch, 'What's Wrong With Corporate Social Responsibility' report.
(PDF here, buy hard copy here)


punkscience said...

The links dead, mate but I found the report via google. Thanks.

merrick said...

Ta for pointing that out, Punkscience. Fixed it now.