Monday, May 25, 2009

vote against the bnp

The recent furore over MPs expenses means many people will either abstain from voting in the European elections, or else will cast a protest vote against the mainstream parties.

The British National Party stands to benefit greatly. Unlike a general election, there is a system of proportional representation in place. A share of the vote of 8 percent could see the BNP get a seat. If they get seats, they get hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money.

Last time turnout was 38 percent, and the BNP scored between 6 and 8 percent in the four main constituencies they're targeting. So it's easy to see how they could break through 8 percent this time, but would probably fail to if everyone voted.

Under the voting system - explained in this short animation - it's important to vote for a party that will score higher than the BNP. That's going to be Labour, Conservative, LibDem, UKIP and Green.

Especially crucial is the playoff for the final seat awarded in each constituency, likely to be between the parties coming fifth and sixth; ie likely to be between Green and BNP. An extra 3 percent on the Labour vote will probably make no difference, whereas that 3 percent going to the Greens would probably be the difference between a seat going Green or BNP.

If it sounds fiddly, or like the Greens are trying to scam for votes, check it out yourself. Here's last time's results. Here's an online calculator that can translate any breakdown you type in into seats.

In the North West, BNP leader Nick Griffin is standing. Griffin has made an excellent job of changing public perception of the BNP. Like the party itself, he has his roots in the National Front. The party prohibits non-whites from membership.

'All black people will be repatriated, even if they were born here,' Griffin told Wales on Sunday in 1996.

In 1997 he produced a publication called Who Are The Mindbenders, alleging that the media is run by Jews. He proved the BBC was Jewish controlled by naming 17 Jewish employees from a total of over 23,000.

During his 1998 trial that saw him convicted of inciting racial hatred, he compared the belief that six million Jews died in the Holocaust to the belief that the earth is flat.

The BNP are not just a little bit right of UKIP. They are a party of extreme white supremacism and racism. Many of their officials, including Nick Griffin, have convictions for racially motivated crimes. A seat in the European Parliament will massively boost their funds and their platform.

A vote for a party likely to score more than the BNP is a vote against the BNP. Please - especially if you live in their target areas of North West, East Midlands, West Midlands or Yorkshire and the Humber - make sure everyone you know who's registered votes against them.

Nick Griffin's march needs to end here.

a young Nick Griffin in White Power T-shirt on a National Front march


Anonymous said...

Very happy to support the case you have made ....thanks

Anonymous said...

Absolute rubbish. Why vote for somebody that you don't believe in just to stop another party? It is the party you advise voting for that has got this country into the mess it is in now!

Some of the BNPs policies are needed in this country, ie halting immigration into an already struggling economy.

merrick said...

Absolute rubbish.Off to a flying start there. Is that a claim that everything above is untrue?

Be more specific and less hostile and people might be able to, y'know, get some meaning out of what you say, thus leading to it not being a waste of time you typing stuff.

Why vote for somebody that you don't believe in just to stop another party?Because, as I would've thought is evident from the piece, there's nobody on the ballot paper you do believe in and you have an overwhleming desire to stop a particular party

It is the party you advise voting for that has got this country into the mess it is in now!That's interesting, given that I don't advise voting for any party.

I advise voting for any of the five who can beat the BNP, with a leaning towards the Greens. It takes an especially novel perspective to accuse the Greens of getting the country into the mess, or indeed any other situation, that the country finds itself in.

Some of the BNPs policies are needed in this country, ie halting immigration into an already struggling economy.Mmm-hm. And the point made above, that immigrants are essentially taxpaying people who are propping up the ageing population?

But look what immigration does to economies elsewhere. I mean, the country with the largest record of immigration, and who still take more than anyone else, the USA. Look how they're poverty stricken.

Perhaps, if I waded through the BNPs racist, sexist, homophobic claptrap I could indeed find some policies that are needed. But as they are so overwhelmed by the vicious fascism, it means nobody should vote for them unless they are happy to have vicious fascists - and, given the BNP's record in the London Assembly, dimwits too - elected.

Anonymous said...

I'll be voting for the BNP, and I hope everyone who cares anything at all about this country, it's traditions, law and order, school discipline, and the right of long term Britons and that includes black British people, to housing, jobs, and medical treatment, ahead of the rights of recent immigrants, will join me.

Instead of opposing the BNP, we should be suporting them.

merrick said...

that includes black British people

This BNP is a party that says that being black and being British are mutually exclusive.

Black people are prohibited from even joining the party purely on grounds of ethnicity.

Why would someone vote for a party whose leadership would like to see them deported?

This is a party whose elected representative on the London Assembly lies about black involvement in knife crime, suggests it is dealt with by collective punishment of the afro-caribbean community, and even suggests that swine flu could well be coming from black countries.

If I were black, I'd not be convinced by your exhortation, matey.

Griffin's 'White Power' T-shirt would be a bit of a giveaway too.