Wednesday, July 23, 2008

god save the queen

As the head of the Commonwealth, the Queen has her face on a lot of stamps.

I'm happy to report that she's now been relegated to - literally - a small cameo compared to the full colour glory of Kenneth Williams, a far better class of old queen.

Carry On Screaming film poster on a stamp

Royal Mail explain that

People flocked to the cinema in droves, attracted by the imagery they saw on the film posters

Indeed, who could see Kenneth Williams on that poster holding his big stiff prick all ready to squirt and not want to go into a darkened room with him for an hour and a half of giggles?

Thanks to the post office you can now take him home, turn him on his front and lick at his back side until he gets all sticky.


Anonymous said...

Ah, it nice to see the art of the double entrendre isn't dying out. Have I mentioned lately that I love you...

merrick said...


Anonymous said...

Despite the protestations of reactionary Britons, there's a general acknowledgement that the history of your nation contained a whole host of inglorious and shameful moments.

Whether it was Cromwell's razing of the City of Waterford and the slaughter of every single man, woman and child within... or the subjugation of the Indian nation for centuries, colonialism has left a dark stain on British history.

And more recently we had the fire-bombing of Dresden, and the decision to support Dubya Bush's literally insane foreign policy.

All of these things, however, were essentially perpetrated by a small clique of government and authority figures and can't really be laid at the door of the British people, though they may have benefitted materially from some of them.

On the other hand, I can only assume that the Carry On films were made in such vast numbers because the British public actively demanded them. That these cultural turds were so very popular in Britain is -- and shall remain -- one of the truly shameful periods in your nation's history. Hell, in the history of life itself!

Indeed, there's a certain Cromwellian vibe to them. I feel positively violated after 5 minutes of a Carry On film, and within 10 I'm praying that some barbaric meathead shows up with a sword and puts me out of my misery.

Anonymous said...

Having said all that...

That's a fucking great postage stamp!

merrick said...

Jim - the making of such huge numbers of movies doesn't necessarily denote popularity among a great number of people, merely enough to make it turn a profit. Every last one of those utterly shite Elvis movies made money cos they were so low-budget.

I'd really like to say it's the same with Carry Ons, but a quick shufty reveals that several were the highest grossing films in the UK of their year.

Worse, there's talk of a new one that - worse still - would be the first in a new series.

There is, as I've previously imparted to the Badgerian faithful, only one proper way to be viewing Carry on movies.

Still Jim, I have to wonder if your excessive opprobrium isn't just juvenile rebelling against your parents.

You recently told us you were born in 1971. You're Jim Bliss. Where do we find a certain randy Sidney Bliss in 1970?

The truth will out, Jim.

peacockpie said...

>Worse, there's talk of a new one that - worse still - would be the first in a new series.

With your superhero-powera of double-entendre you ought to be on the script committee! It would be brilliant. Maybe you could call it Carrion Westminster in which matron can do nothing for the terminal condition of her patients...
Mind you Screaming... always was my favourite... Fenella Fielding was just, well, astonishing. All together now "frying tonight!"