Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the mind control chaos begins

The Lady In Red.

A Spaceman Came Travelling.

Even Jim Bliss' favourite, When I Think Of You.

Trawl all you like through the murky pit of emetic sludge that is Chris De Burgh's repertoire, can you find anything that'd make you want to get pissed with your mates and mosh about?

So then, how come it's happening in New Zealand?

Chris de Burgh concert was marred by people vomiting and falling down a bank. A man was knocked unconscious in a brawl.

This is clearly beyond lively japes. It is the actions of people whose brains have fulminated and burst because the Lizard King is trying out his alien mind-control techniques.

It's surely no coincidence that this starts in New Zealand, the country whose media reported Oswald's arrest before it happened, clearly the centre of the plan to take over the world. It is quite plainly a sign.

We obviously haven't got long now.


Anonymous said...

Honestly Merrick, you need to do better. Any half-perceptive reader will question this piece as soon as they read your claim that When I Think of You is my favourite de Burgh song.

Had you picked something pre-1981 then you might just have gotten away with it. As it is, this is clearly just another tirade in a long line of savage attacks on donkeys and those who would offer them sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

PS: That said... a mosh-pit at a Chris de Burgh gig?! You're absolutely right when you say there's something weird afoot. It certainly wasn't the music that provoked it.

merrick said...

Exactly, Bliss! There you are, away in your County Dublin hideaway along with that area's under 9 javelin champion, De Burgh's daughter Rosanna.

Incidentally, the fact that she won Miss World 2003 doesn't just taunt us with its overtones of global domination. It's also proof of the bizarre regenerative qualities of lizard flesh. how else could an ugly fucker like De Burgh procreate and produce her?

That, and the mosh pits at his gigs. The world is awry wherever he treads. These are the last days.