Friday, February 22, 2008

if i kill them without seeing then it doesn't count

In February 2003 there were two parliamentary votes to hold back on going to war in Iraq. Labour's Ruth Kelly voted against them, and for pushing ahead to war.

In March 2003 there was a move to amend the Declaration of War to say the case for war had not yet been established. Ruth Kelly voted against it. Less than an hour later there was a vote on going to war, and she voted in favour.

That declaration, let us remind ourselves, was due to the threat from 'Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and long range missiles'.

As the weapons didn't exist, surely we should be asking why politicians thought they did. Anyone of integrity who'd been duped into voting for war under false pretences should be outraged. They sanctioned mass killing for no reason.

Yet in the eight times that Kelly's been in Parliament to vote on any inquiry into the war, she's voted against it every time.

Add this to her solid voting for war in the first place, and you understand why I was shouting at the TV tonight. The BBC's Question Time had Ruth Kelly on the panel, and the subject of the death penalty came up.

Personally, if asked the question 'could I ever inject someone or, you know, trigger the death of someone?' - absolutely not.

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