Thursday, November 15, 2007

mugabe's musical ally

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is one of the most vilified world leaders.

We often hear of pariahs like Mugabe, Saddam Hussain, Kim Il Jong, Suharto, etc, being compared to Hitler by those who dislike them. Mugabe, however, sets himself apart in the League of Evil by comparing himself to Hitler.

He goes one further. Indeed, ten further. 'Let me be a Hitler tenfold,' he declared.

And how would such a figure of gargantuan foulness celebrate their wedding? By hiring a band to play music of equally gargantuan evil, of course, invoking the darkest most dictatorial plotter ever to pick up a guitar.

on the day, his group played songs by Ottis Redding and Chris de Burgh among others... they proved at the wedding that they meant business when they performed songs such as Stand by Me and Lady in Red

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