Monday, May 14, 2007

don't be pope, says pope

Like many former members of the Nazis, Pope Benedict's gone to Brazil.

The Pope was speaking to a rally of about 40,000 young Catholics at a football stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil...

He warned of the traps of drug use, corruption, violence and the temptations of wealth and power.

Want to disagree with my discouragement of violence? I wouldn't if i were you. You don't want to cross me. Don't think think we didn't learn a few tricks in - count 'em - 356 years of the Spanish Inquisition.

Let's not be corrupt, says the man whose organisation used collection-plate funds as hush money to children sexually abused by priests, quietly moving the offending padres on to new parishes and new victims.

But my favourite is the exhortation to avoid wealth and power. From the head of the Catholic church.

Because you can't have it. It's mine, all mine, mwah-hah-hah!

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