Friday, November 10, 2006

divide and rule

It's quite extraordinary how swiftly climate change has become one of the major topics of our time. Even two years ago there'd be dismissal of it as a lentils and sandals issue, and when it did get discussed oil-funded climate deniers got given airtime.

Even those branches of the media that don't want to admit it much are latching on as they see the groundswell of concern. Murdoch's minions at The Times dismissed the Camp For Climate Action (only to come round the day after the big action with their tails between their legs asking for a story).

On Tuesday their front page main story was headlined ‘THE GREEN DIVIDE: Times poll shows the gulf between words and action on the environment’.

Yet, as I say at The Sharpener,

It shows nothing of the sort. The table that, ahem, proves it uses reasoning that could be easily unravelled by a brain damaged gerbil reading the newspaper in the dark.

The post is me being that brain damaged gerbil. It's called Divide And Rule.

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