Wednesday, October 19, 2005

yoda, aguilera, eminem and mao

I've previously mused on these pages about how Chrisitan websites can be so barking as to make you wonder which ones are real and which are spoofs.

It's not just the monotheists. There's hours of 'are they for real?' fun to be had over at the Maoist Internationalist Movement.

Not for them merely ranting about what they'll do to all us infidels After The Revolution. They give us Maoist reviews of a Star Wars computer game, concluding

All in all, the Cossacks/Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most manipulative pieces of software ever devised. It leeches morality of young minds and prepares them to kill their peers to prevent a revolution. After all... the strong fascist knight shall always win.

Their Eminem: To Be Banned page says

As Communists we are open about our intentions of instituting a dictatorship - the dictatorship of the proletariat. Under socialist government we want to promote revolutionary and progressive culture and squash out old reactionary ideas and behavior. We would not allow fascists to hand out leaflets calling for the gassing of all Jews or the re-institution of chattel slavery. By the same token we would not allow pro-patriarchy groups to hand out leaflets calling for the disenfranchisement of womyn or an end to the right of womyn to divorce their husbands. So why would we allow sexist, and homophobic garbage like Eminem to put out his records?

...All of it should be banned and Eminem should be one of the first people put into re-education camp.

They also want to tell us what they think - and what we should think too - about Christina Aguilera:

Her ideas are the perfect reflection of traditional views of many Amerikan pseudo-feminists, certainly appreciated by bourgeois males: wimmin's liberation amounts to the ability to have orgasms. Probably this is why most Amerikkkan wimmin have no qualms about having multiple partners, but still hesitate to major in math and science

The thing that baffles the casual observer is the review has links to buy Aguilera's albums from Why would the Maoists be encouraging you to culturally pollute yourself and give profits to such a capitalist behemoth?

There is a reason. Under the Amazon Associates program, if someone clicks a link to Amazon from your site, you get up to 10% of what they spend. Thus, there is a clear incentive for a reviewer to praise the item under review and thereby encourage greater sales and more dosh for themselves.

The Maoists give themselves the hairshirt of only reviewing things they actively hate, thus denying themselves the available revenue and asserting their ideological purity, valiantly upholding the revolutionary communist ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism despite the onslaught of crap pop music seeking to dissuade them.


scarletharlot69 said...

Thing is Merrick, I have lurked on the leftist trainspotters yahoo group and got well not only bored with it, but just wanted to move on from the ahedonia of the authoritarian "left"

Cult and fundamentalist trainspotting is somehow more fun! Stalinists of all descriptions (trots, leninists and maoists included) are a bit of a bore.

Even if the self satire of the likes of Jack Prick are unintentional, at least I get a laugh ot of it.

hmm have I said this before Merrick? sorry going mad due to pain

love and liberation


Jim Bliss said...

Actually Merrick, you have a lot more in common with those Maoists than you care to admit... I bet they'd want to ban Chris de Burgh too.