Thursday, September 29, 2005

florida hit by 100mph foetus

Oh father forgive me, for I now see the error of my ways.

I suggested that Hurricane Katrina was part of an increase in hurricane activity due to climate change.

Now father, I see The Truth. It was God's judgement against them evil abortionists.

Thanks to ms.musings I found The Truth as sent out by Columbia Christians for Life, who explained that 'coming ashore Gulf Coast - satellite image looks like 6-week fetus'.

The picture is a swirl of colour, and seems to be something of a Rorschach test, and what the anti-abortionists are seeing in the blob is dictated by their own fixation.

I see it as an elongated elephant impersonating a map of Indonesia whilst carrying a space hopper on its back. Not quite sure what that says about my own preoccupations.

The bit I really love is the idea that God wants to smite the top three abortion states so he hits California with earthquakes, New York with 9/11, and then hits Florida by sending a hurricane to hit New Orleans.

That's New Orleans, the city in Louisiana.

Florida, the state God was aiming for, is the dangly bit on the right. God's geographical knowledge seems to be as good as Dubya's.

However, the Bush administration don't share the idea of the ruin of New Orleans being the judgement of God. Well, what can you expect from a president who spends his time 'promoting evil and openly supporting wickedness'?

Nope, the feds are trying to pin the damage in New Orleans on environmentalists. As revealed in an article in Mississippi newspaper the Clarion-Ledger, the US Department of Justice is asking relevant District Attorneys if environmental groups have ever sued anyone to prevent the building of the New Orleans levees or other city defences.

They've taken their cue from the conservative American fuckheads National Review:

The national Sierra Club was one of several environmental groups who sued the Army Corps of Engineers to stop a 1996 plan to raise and fortify Mississippi River levees

...The lawsuit was settled in 1997 with the Corps agreeing to hold off on some work while doing an additional two-year environmental impact study. Whether this delay directly affected the levees that broke in New Orleans is difficult to ascertain.

As the Clarion-Ledger points out, the lawsuit wasn't about the building of the levees, it was only about where the building materials came from. But more than that, whether those levees had anything to do with the Katrina devastation is certainly not 'difficult to ascertain'

The levees that broke causing New Orleans to flood weren't Mississippi River levees. They were levees that protected the city from Lake Pontchartrain, levees on the other side of the city.

When Katrina struck, the hurricane pushed tons of water from the Gulf of Mexico into Lake Pontchartrain, which borders the city to the north. Corps officials say the water from the lake cleared the levees by 3 feet. It was those floodwaters, they say, that caused the levees to degrade until they ruptured, causing 80 percent of New Orleans to flood.

Bookbinder [David Bookbinder, senior attorney for Sierra Club] said the purpose of the litigation by the Sierra Club and others in 1996 was where the corps got the dirt for the project. "We had no objections to levees," he said. "We said, 'Just don't dig film materials out of the wetlands. Get the dirt from somewhere else'."

Anyway, all the levees in the world won't save you from a vengeant god come to cleanse the world of the unholy, the unrighteous, and the people live in neighbouring states.

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