Monday, August 22, 2005

iraq: action in my name

Do you know what this is?

A clue for you; here's a close-up

And it's all in such quantity that it can shock the buyer's mum when she finds it piled up in her living room

This is part of a consignment of medical supplies bought by Raed Jarrar. Raed is one of a family of Iraqi bloggers, and at the end of last year they set up an appeal for money to buy medical supplies for civilian victims of the occupation of Iraq. (I gave it a plug at the time)

Soon after, here in Leeds we did an Aspire, an occasional squatted social centre hosting cafe, film showings and corking gigs and parties. Although we put Aspires on for free, there are donations made and there's always some money left over, which we give away to worthy causes that can't get more conventional funding. I'm proud that we're one of the biggest donors to the Jarrars' appeal.

Raed's based in Jordan, where they've bought medical gear and driven it into Iraq. As Iraqis, they can safely go where western NGOs fear to tread. The supplies our party bought saved lives in a hospital in Fallujah.

If all that destruction is being visited upon Iraq in our name and paid for with our money, I feel obliged to actively withdraw my consent, and pay for something that mitigates some of the damage.

Raed's appeal is still open. Go to his blog and click on the Make a Donation button. Don't think what you can spare is too small to be worth it. Many donations have been under five pounds. It's enough to save a life in Fallujah.

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