Monday, July 18, 2005

hot monoped on biped action

Following on from the smuttily ambiguous signs mentioned in a previous post, we go one better with this sign seen on a door in central Leeds.

Some employers pride themselves on offering great facilities to their staff. Free drinks machines, on-site gyms, decent veggie options in the canteen.

But few can go to the lengths of a certain Leeds recruitment firm.

The facilities on offer behind the door appear to be a reciprocal fondle in the pelvic region; bipeds fondling the arses of monopeds, whilst monopeds grope the groins of the bipeds.


Anonymous said...

sadly the facilities on offer are a false promise. all that lies behind the door is a loo, a brad pitt and johnny depp shrine and a recently assembled sleeping area for severely hungover staff.

Gael said...

Wishful thinking Merrick?

merrick said...

Gael, it seems you're right, just wishful thinking. As we can take it from Z's informed comment, there is no hot action.

Or maybe they just do it when Z's not around.

Either way, I do take issue with the description of a toilet 'just' having a brad pitt and johnny depp shrine and sleeping area for hungover staff. These are rare and broad-minded facilities indeed, and may well constitute a step on the way to tolerance for monoped/biped fondles.