Tuesday, May 17, 2005

donate against the g8

Ordinary people from across the world are being asked to take part in a massive grassroots fundraising effort to support the protests around the G8 in July.

The G8 are the rulers of eight of the most powerful economies in the world. From 6th-8th July 2005, they will hold their major annual summit at Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland.

The G8 was created in 1975, amidst global oil crisis and an upsurge in social struggles. Its intended role was to act as a crisis manager for the global economy, so consensus could be reached amongst the most powerful nations on issues such as world trade, migration, oil supplies, and security.

The G8 still exists to protect the interests of the world's biggest economies. This year, Tony Blair has called upon the G8 leaders to solve the problems of climate change and world poverty, with a particular focus on Africa.

Yet, as he announces this, his domestic policies of massive airport and road expansion show he has no intention of taking real action on climate change. As Blair said to the World Economic Forum earlier this year, 'if we put forward, as a solution to climate change, something which involves drastic cuts in growth or standards of living, it matters not how justified it is, it simply won't be agreed to'.

Think what that means, 'it matters not how justified it is'.

Similarly, there is no real African representation at the G8, as they focus on opening up African economies to 'free trade', using the series of strings and conditions that will be attached to the debt relief.

The G8 upholds a system whose impacts we see all around us: war, famine, and environmental destruction. However, resistance is growing around the globe to create a better world. Struggles are diverse and numerous, as people fight to regain a sense of humanity, and 'a world in which many worlds are possible'.

Resistance to the summit itself will reflect this diversity. From big blockades of nuclear bases, to community permaculture projects, and skill sharing and workshops, the diversity of the protest promises to be enormous.

The Dissent! Network has been set up to instigate and co-ordinate action against this G8 meeting. They've begun organising 'convergence spaces' in which resistance can flourish. These will be self-managed zones available in the run up to and during the Summit, aiming to house and feed many thousands, whilst providing inspiring examples of free, ecological communities. The spaces will be used by all kinds of people voicing the concerns ignored or opposed by the G8; drop the debt, anti-capitalist, fair trade, anti-war, anti-climate change, and many more.

Dissent! needs a significant amount of money to make this happen. Considerable fundraising has already been done but there is still a sizeable shortfall (around £40,000). Funds raised will go directly to financing the convergence spaces, as well as to legal and medical support teams, and to fund transport and publicity.

They've launched The Tenner Appeal, asking anyone who opposes what the G8 stands for to donate 10 pounds to Dissent!

So, are you against what the G8's for? Got a tenner to do something about it?

There are several ways to donate. You can send cheques (in pounds sterling drawn on a UK bank account, payable to The Dissent Network) to;

The Tenner Appeal,
23-25 Wharf Street,
Leeds, LS2 7EQ

You can pay cash in at any Co-Op bank in the UK (find a branch here), or do a bank transfer.
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account Number: 6515 5518
Swift Code: CPBKGB22

For international bank transfers quote the IBAN number: GB85 CPBK 0892 9965 1555 18

Or make payments online at the appeal website.

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