Wednesday, October 20, 2004

chirac the little shit

Seeing as he was mentioned in the last post (ie my previous blog entry, not a trumpet riff played over a coffin), here's an excellent little Chirac story.

When he was mayor of Paris, one of the things he did apart from use the city's finances like a personal bank account was to introduce small motorised pooper-scoopers to attend to the flourishing quantity of dog shit gracing Parisian streets.

Now, in the wilfully fruity and ribald area of French rudeness one has a wide range of words for any given activity.

One word for 'to shit' is chier. Hence the phrase tu me fais chier, meaning 'I am rather tired of you', more or less.

A scraper in French is a raclette.

This made the canine crap-grabber a chie-raclette; spelled and pronounced Chiraclette, or 'little Chirac'.

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