Tuesday, July 06, 2010

de burgh invokes satan, amasses weapons

Chris De Burgh is enacting further preparatory works for our takeover by totalitarian shapeshifting lizards.

He has been in Dorset in order to assemble a concept album based on J Meade Falkner's novel Moonfleet.

For those unfamiliar, the novel is a tale of smuggling, that is to say, of moving things around in a manner that isn't obvious in order to hoodwink the unwary masses. The plot features a code that leads to the truth - as do De Burgh's lyrics - and it features an important peripheral character, Krispijn Aldobrand, who - like De Burgh - uses lies to cheat the masses out of their rightful status.

Needing to assume elements of all major powers on earth, De Burgh has garnered official rank in the UN and a claim to royal lineage. To complete this, it was no surprise to see him assuming religious quasi-messianic roles. Indeed, one of his earliest songs - from the era Jim Bliss alleges to be 'quite good' - is A Spaceman Came Travelling, which aligns the nativity with the coming of alien overlords.

Clearly he taunts us with such thinly veiled declarations of the Lizardly plans, and this use of code is akin to Blackbeard's written code of biblical references in Moonfleet.

Now De Burgh is taking it a step further and personally getting active about his position in church. On his recent Dorset trip

He wanted to film in All Saints’ graveyard because of its connection to the book.

He was singing different sections of Psalms that appear in the book as part of a smugglers’ code.

Putting himself at the centre of focus in a church, singing bits of the Old Testament.

If that doesn't instantly make your mind conjure images of violence, repression and ominous foreboding then you are truly blind to what approaches. He beckons forth the dark lords.

We have, of course, previously seen the relevance of the Old Testament to De Burgh. But on his recent Dorset visit, we're told he gathered his footsoldiers around him.

Lifelong Chris de Burgh fans David and Meryl James, of Heathwood Road, Westham, met their musical hero while he was filming in Wyke Regis.

Retired underwater weapons technician Mr James, 65, said: "He was a very nice, approachable man"

A lifetime's experience of underwater weapons?

Add this to the fact that his daughter was Dublin County under-9s javelin champion and we see a terrifying arsenal being stockpiled and readied.

The countdown has clearly begun. We might only have hours left.

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