Tuesday, July 17, 2007

de burgh cometh

De Burgh has been 'holidaying' in Mauritius. Yet the pictures show him up to his neck under a shroud. He taunts us as he dresses like Christ about to rise from the dead and ascend to heaven.

Chris De Burgh! Superstar!

Mauritius is best known for a bird whose fate is so remarkable that, like the Titanic, it is commonly used as a metaphor. The dodo.

De Burgh mocks us in the end days, that our freedom is doomed to extinction and he shall rise messianic and we will be forced to bow down to him.

The process of overthrowing the current lizard rulers began with the assassination of Princess Diana. It's no mistake that De Burgh appears in his holy shroud at the same time as the unveiling of a painting of Diana's crash with the words of Lady In Red superimposed. De Burgh over the royals. It couldn't be more obvious.

We can only have a matter of days left.

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