Sunday, May 18, 2008

the end is almost upon us

I've already talked of how and why Chris De Burgh is manoeuvring himself into position to be part of a unified world government as a way to ease the global takeover by shapeshifting lizards.

One element of his plan involves putting himself in the elite, so he not only gets an official position with the UN but now he also claims royal lineage, saying he's a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce and King David II of Scotland, Crusader Richard the Lionheart, and - perhaps most tellingly - William the Conqueror.

You know how I revealed the answer to the previously inexplicable move by Jim Bliss to Dublin, that it was to get some javelin practice in alongside De Burgh's daughter to be part of the lizard stormtrooper batallions?

Bliss recently revealed he was studying at Trinity College and illustrated it with a picture from Google Earth - reminding us that he and his lizard masters are watching over our every move.

Let's see, who else is at Trinity at the moment? 'His son Hubie, 19, is in his second year at Trinity College, Dublin'.

Bliss' rabid defence of De Burgh in many of my previous truth-seeking revelatory posts is explained. De Burgh is the lizards' minion, and Bliss is even lower than that, the minion of a minion, a diseased and snivelling wart-nosed louse feeding on the scrotum of a demon.

I've previously revealed how De Burgh's plan to unify the world under lizards requires the healing of great rifts in humanity; to that end he was the only international artist to play at the German reunification celebrations, and he's also off to Iran this summer. Well, obviously, there's more.

Like De Burgh's ancestor Richard the Lionheart, let's turn our attention to the Middle East. The Lebanese civil war is so deeply ingrained into our cultural memory that I still hear people describe somewhere dangerous or smashed up as being 'like Beirut'.

A reporter in Lebanon tells us 'the Lebanese civil war, in which 150,000 lives were lost, is the root cause of de Burgh's popularity.'

More than that, he was 'the first Western act to play here after the civil war'. Sounding familiar isn't it? The pattern, the plan, they become so clear now.

He's just released a duet with Lebanese singer Tina Yamout. 'She says she is still "shocked and in awe" to be working with de Burgh.'

'Shock and awe'? As in the tactics used to subjugate Iraq so it could become part of the American empire as the world unifies?

He proclaims peace in Germany and Iran and Lebanon, yet is proud of his imperialist castle and his descending from Crusaders. The knowledge is in the family, so clearly is the will to use it. No wonder the lizards chose him.

It's all so clear to those who will see. Yet everyone else, too scared to face the truth, scurries on with their heads in the sand. If it were possible to scurry while one's head was buried. It isn't, yet that is precisely the sort of twisted worldview that De Burgh and his reptilian masters have us living in.

We know that there may be only days left.


Anonymous said...

That's quite compelling evidence Merrick, I'd never have put it together myself. I won't be able to listen to 'High On Emotion' in the same way again.

merrick said...

'high On emotion' - the song eulogises being dominated by the non-rational approach - he's hoodwinking us into abandoning our analytical skills so we don't figure out his plan until it's far too late.

Anonymous said...

I posted this comment over at my place, but figured I should put it here so that everyone who reads your blog knows the real truth of this matter...
Up until quite recently, merrick, I felt your anti-de Burgh crusade was simply a result of your pathological hatred of donkeys. Chris de Burgh’s tireless work in the rescue and rehabilitation of these oft-maligned members of the equine family thoroughly riled you and your donkey-bashing ilk.

Now though, I’m beginning to suspect that you may actually be a gatekeeper for the de Burgh conspiracy. Under the guise of criticising the man, you are clearly disseminating information designed to prepare us all for our new overlord. Your knowledge of de Burgh and his plans is far too detailed to be anything other than insider-information. He has arranged for you to prime the world… to get us all used to the idea of his impending power-grab, so that when it happens we will be less challenged by the idea and more likely to accept it.

Personally I’ve always felt de Burgh was not very good, but the first couple of albums have nice tunes on, which is more than you can say for Huey Lewis. Given the fact that you’ve never shown anything like the same level of venom about Mr. Lewis, it’d always been obvious to me that your obsession with de Burgh was a result of your aforementioned donkey-disgust. Now though… all these details you appear privy to… I suddenly see the psychological projection involved in your accusations against me.

Merrick “Gatekeeper de Burgh” Godhaven? It all becomes clear.

merrick said...

Dear me, Jim, is that the best you can do? It's like the dimwit child who can't think of a retort to an insult so instead responds 'no I'm not, you are'.

I have painstakingly researched and explained the truth - 'insider' my arse, it's all from cited published sources - whereas you have yet to explain your oh so coincidental move to the place where De Burgh's daughter wins javelin competitions and his son studies.

You and Hubie, there with what appears to be the largest and oldest library in the country, all the better to plan your dark deeds.

Where is any evidence for your ludicrous claims? Or are you just going to tell teacher on me?

Chris De Burgh; that's your mum, that is.