Saturday, May 10, 2008

donnie darko snacks

I remember the Disney attempt to cash in on the late 70s space movies, The Black Hole.

Agog at the fluttering acres of money that Star Wars had made on merchandising, they wanted something like that for themselves. There were Black Hole models, Black Hole pencil cases, even Black Hole black soap.

The movie bombed and Woolworth's 'Everything reduced to 20p' bin was brimming for several months after.

Somehow, I think I've stumbled on some remaindered Donnie Darko merchandise.

Does anyone on this planet have the faintest fucking clue what is going on with this packet of poppadoms?

packet of evil poppadoms

I understand having a cherubic youngster appearing to be eating one, but why the fuck is he being menaced by giant sinister disfigured rabbit?


Anonymous said...

It's an attempt to drug youngsters with laced poppodoms and lure them into the evil vice of furry cosplay sex.

Why yes, I have been at a comics convention all day - why do you ask?

Unknown said...

I call them "creepy rabbit poppadums". They are my favorite brand because they are delicious. I was initially hesitant to buy them because the package looked sketchy, but they don't have the solvent smell that a lot of brands have. Mmmmm... creepy rabbit...