Wednesday, May 09, 2007

top marx

Thinking more about places with eyebrow-raising names, honourable mention should be made of Chemnitz in Saxony.

Heavily bombed in World War II, it was not only rebuilt with all the flat concrete socialist architectural vision you'd expect of Soviet Bloc architects let loose on a city from scratch. More, they renamed it Karl-Marx-Stadt.

After German reunification it reverted to its old name but, good sports that they are, the townspeople decided to keep the colossal and weirdly stylised bust of Marx.

The size of the thing! Check out the people at the base for scale!

Karl Marx Stadt statue

If only Dublin's Phil Lynott statue could be done this big.

See Marx's fabulously Heseltinian hair, now just imagine 20 foot of raging afro madness.

It's a cruel world that denies it to us.

Phil Lynott statue

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