Thursday, April 26, 2007

junkmailers against junkmailing

Another election, another heap of irritating electioneering.

Labour and LibDems round here are putting things through our letterboxes to tell us how hard they work for us, all of them slyly designed to look like they're regular and frequent newsletters. There's probably some central office template with pre-written stories about clearing graffiti and getting more police on the beat.

Fortunately, the Tories are on such a hiding to nothing round my way that they don't even field a candidate. But stepping into the void are the LibDems with this freesheet that, even among the blatant baby-kissing and condescending tone of pre-election news leaflets, is a real biscuit-taker.

Hyde Park Focus leaflet

Check that line at the bottom, 'working all year round - not just election time'.

Indeed, we do occasionally get Focus at other times. However, we don't get two issues in one month unless there's an election.

Nor have we ever seen a newsprint thing the LibDems delivered yesterday called the Leader. It was missing its strapline, 'not working all year round, just at election time'.

This being a student-heavy area, there are a lot of pizza and curry delivery businesses. My building only has 8 flats, yet we get between 30 and 80 leaflets a week through the door. They're a blight, to be sure.

So the LibDems tap into it with a 'No More Junk' bit in Focus, with a free card to put on your letterbox to say you don't want free flyers.

Putting free junkmail through your door with a card to say you don't want free junkmail through your door!

Are they as cynical and patronising as I think, or are they simply as stupid as they think their readership are?

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