Friday, December 23, 2005

the puppy killing philanthropist

Oliver Letwin, Tory front-bencher and a man who shoots puppies for fun, has declared that the Tories want to see a redistribution of wealth.

Mr Letwin, who is one of Mr Cameron's closest advisers, says that there is now a moral and social imperative for tackling inequality.

I love that use of 'now'. Inequality and poverty were morally acceptable until just recently, then.

Has Mr Letwin had chance to consider issues of wealth before? Just a tad, as Jim Bliss told us in a pre-election musing last April:
[Letwin] was a bigwig at NM Rothschild financial megaglomerate. But he didn't have a Road to Damascus experience and decide to dedicate his skills to public service. Like fuck did he! In fact, it's only a year and a half ago that the tories were able to convince him to resign his position. Eventually he got the message, it might be a conflict of interest to be running the nation's budget, setting taxation policy, regulating the financial sector, and what have you, whilst still a director of NM Rothschild. Just might be a conflict of interest.

And this is something that more people should be talking about. Most of these tory spending plans that are being bandied about at the moment are the work of a man who was working for NM Rothschild whilst formulating them. It is safe to assume therefore, knowing as I do the workings of corporations at high levels, that these plans are first and foremost the plans of a Rothschild director, and second the plans of a public servant. You just don't exist at that level of a corporation if you're playing for any team but the home one. Feel free to deny this if you choose. You will be wrong though.

A tory vote, therefore, should be cast full in the knowledge that your hopes and dreams need to coincide with those of NM Rothschild if you expect your MP to address them.

You've got to wonder what he was doing during the Thatcher years, as the gap between rich and poor got wider than it had ever been, whilst British champagne sales more than doubled. The rich got richer because they took it from the poor. That extra champagne that Letwin and friends were quaffing was bought by the sell-off of state owned industries and tax cuts handed out at the expense of public services.

But now, in rejecting the inevitable result of Thatcherism, he's saying that he's some kind of benevolent cuddly guy not out to enrich the wealthy any more, abandoning his party's raison d'etre and the aims of his old job at Rothschild's .

Next week, Letwin announces Tory plans to nationalise all the utilities and banks. 'If Labour don't want Clause IV then we'll take it off their hands,' he says.


Anonymous said...

Ummm... Shoots puppies?

....For fun?


merrick said...

OK, it's not technically accurate to say that he personally shoots puppies for fun.

It's a thing that Jim Bliss and myself kept using whenever Letwin's name came up in the election campaign.

Basically, Letwin is a pro-hunt guy. It is near universal in hunting to go through the litters of new hounds and kill the weaker puppies, usually by shooting them.

Hunting is not a necessity, it is merely a recreational activity. Therefore, as the shooting of the puppies is done as part of this leisure activity, those like Letwin who support hunting are supporting the shooting of puppies for fun.