Saturday, November 26, 2005

public safety warning

I've previously happened upon a sign in a street that made me advise continuous caution.

This, however, is in a league above that one.

How incredibly nerve-wracking for any road user who acts on the warning, being in a constant state of trembly vigilance.

But surely the sign exaggerates, there must be some road somewhere that doesn't have the risk of playing host to deer activity. I've been walking the streets of inner city Leeds for many years (not continuously, admittedly) and have never seen deer.

Still, another one for the list. Watch out of deaf cats and, whenever you're near a road, marauding deer too.


Psychbloke said...

You've never seen the miniature nocturnal deer of Leeds?!?

Anonymous said...

Psychbloke, I'm afraid those aren't deer, though they might like you to think so. They're probably memebers of the genus 'rattus'. You can tell the difference by the absence of horns. And don't believe them if they tell you they haven't got horns because they're all female.

Gael said...

Or maybe they are cats without ear trumpets?

Psychbloke said...

"And don't believe them if they tell you they haven't got horns because they're all female".

They speak?

Anonymous said...

"They speak?"

okay, that'll only be the ones that escaped from the university genetics labs. Though come to think of it, they might actually be miniaturised deer in any case...probably being bred for the McDonalds individual-sized spit-roast venison market...that would also explain the absence of horns - too difficult to package.