Thursday, November 03, 2005

more whores & narcoleptic tiddlywinks

A couple of new things to be found elsewhere.

With characteristic eloquence, Jim Bliss wrote a piece on his blog about Brian Eno selling Music For Airports to be the soundtrack for an Orange phones TV ad.

I've taken his point, and most of my previous post about Taylor Mali, and written an article about the use of good music in advertising. It's called The Most Evil Concept Ever.

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There's a newbie in the Other People's Blogs section of my sidebar. Rhythmicginger! is the blog of my companero Adam, the funniest man alive, the prime force behind Radio Savage Houndy Beasty, the greatest drummer I know of and - more relevant for blogging interest - a man who relishes absurdities of language.

Right there in the first post on his blog he lets rip with his failed googlewhacks. I do love it that there are a plural quantity of webpages that you can hit with the phrases he came up with:

narcoleptic tiddlywinks

bamboozling diplodocus

multifarious manhandlers

discombobulated protohominid

pandemic pottymouth

pandemic ululators

ululating masticators

ululating protohominid

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