Saturday, May 14, 2005

an old man wanking into a sock

Harry Hutton's blog Chase Me Ladies, I'm In The Cavalry is unusual in many ways. Most glaringly, he lacks the anger, dullness and/or self-righteousness that seem common to many of us.

He is instead tremendously funny whilst occasionally doing a really well-informed political post.

For instance, there's this:


I was leafing through Abu Hamza’s sermons on the beach this afternoon. OK, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I wouldn’t vote for him myself. I disagree with him about the need to blow up London; nor do we see eye to eye on the subject of flying airliners into buildings (he’s for, I’m against.) But in his wider argument that the UK is a moral cesspit and that the British are filthy drunken animals, I thought he made some valid points.

"They want only to look at nude pictures, go to football matches, have a few pints and go to sleep." This is not an ignorant ill-informed caricature; it is actually quite accurate, and the only riposte I can think of is that it beats blowing yourself up.

I post you this nudge because his new correspondence with Boris Johnson had me literally slapping my table with laughter.

I'm starting a new political party, and that is why I am writing. We could use a guy like you. We are looking to attract people disillusioned with the Tories. The modern Conservative Party is an old man wanking into a sock. You have to admit that. And look at Howard. A husk of a man, despised by all, prematurely bald from self-abuse. Is this what we fought the Falklands for? If we love our country, he must hang.

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