Sunday, October 31, 2004

with satan on our side

This week British troops preparing to move from Basra to the more intense killing zones of northern Iraq held a special church service.

Proof of Christianity's absurdity is always in sharpest relief here, in their ability to not only justify war but to actively claim it as their own.

Admittedly, the Old Testament sends mixed messages, issuing the blunt and unequivocal thou shalt not kill alongside clear instructions for siege based war and murderous pillage where God says to kill all your enemies.

But Christians also have that other book, and in it Christ is pretty damn clear and far less confused than his dad. Love your neighbour as yourself - with an explanation that everyone is your neighbour - and the instruction not to resist those who piss you off or ever offer violence, on penalty of being decreed the worst person in heaven.

Balancing this with racist killing for mineral resources certainly presents a challenge for the Christian.

As magnificent contemporary protest singer David Rovics says, 'who would Jesus bomb?'

Maybe Jesus would bomb the Syrians
'Cause they're not Jews like him
Maybe Jesus would bomb the Afghans
On some kind of vengeful whim
Maybe Jesus would drive an M1 tank
And he would shoot Saddam
Tell me, who would Jesus bomb?

British and Commonwealth war graves cemeteries all have a 'cross of sacrifice' at the entrance, a crucifix with a sword superimposed. The symbolism is staggering.

Whilst individual soldiers are buried under headstones carved according to the wishes of their relatives - so there may be a crucifix, a star of David, or no symbol at all - the troops en masse are claimed for Christianity. Unknown soldiers have graves marked 'known unto God', with a clear implication that warfare was a holy undertaking.

But if he hadn't been clear enough already, God himself explained shortly after 9/11 'the whole point of believing in God is to have a higher standard of behavior'.

This is all old news though, surely?

No, because this week the military finally moved toward a more consistent position, as the Royal Navy accepted its first out-and-proud practicing Satanist.

(Who Would Jesus Bomb is available, along with all of David Rovics' recordings, for free download at his website)

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