Sunday, January 23, 2011

police in 'lying again' shocker

Further to the last post, there's another point to be considered in Chief Constable Jon Murphy's desperate arse-covering exercise.

Mr Murphy said officers were not permitted "under any circumstances" to sleep with activists. "It is grossly unprofessional. It is a diversion from what they are there to do," he said.

Yet the first undercover cop to talk, Mark Kenedy, said

I had a cover officer whom I spoke to numerous times a day He was the first person I spoke to in the morning and the last person I spoke to at night. I didn’t sneeze without a superior officer knowing about it. My BlackBerry had a tracking device. My cover officer joked that he knew when I went to the loo.

And yet they were unaware of his relationships including one that went on for many years. They didn't look at any of the communications on that Blackberry between him and his partners. The tracking device presumably switched off when he went to his girlfriends' houses or away on holiday with them.

Two of the other three officers uncovered this week are known to have formed lasting sexual relationships. Presumably their superiors didn't know either.

This stuff isn't just about one or two people, nor is it confined to the eco-anarchist movement targetted by the officers we've heard so much about in recent days. In the early 90s far-left and anti-racist groups were infiltrated. One of the officers involved talked about it last year.

officers would get together for regular meetings and you always knew if something was going on. If someone started talking about getting good information from a female target, we all knew there was only one way that could have happened. They had been sleeping with them.

An officer who worked on totally different deployments in the early 2000s said last week

At training school, it was drummed into your head that you are only limited by your imagination. The whole UC model in the police is taken from the spooks, where an agent sleeping with the enemy is condoned.

The official Met line was 'don't do it', but unofficially it was condoned. I remember one senior detective saying to me, 'Have you embedded yourself in the community yet?' It was tongue in cheek, but I left with the impression that had I shagged around for intelligence, it would have been OK.

The chance that Chief Constable Murphy doesn't understand the National Grid and hasn't seen the defence evidence of the case he commented on is exceedingly small, nonetheless it towers over the odds that he really thinks no officers have sexual relationships with targets.

Bracing themselves for a possible spate of legal action from the citizens who were deceived and sexually abused by police, Murphy's statement is the cops brazenly denying their wrongdoing, denying justice and denying truth. The first duty of the police is to protect the police, no matter what they've done.

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BenSix said...

He was the first person I spoke to in the morning and the last person I spoke to at night.

So not only was this wretched bastard ratting his friends, he'd leave without saying goodbye!