Monday, June 07, 2010

free gaza

Two members of the Free Gaza flotilla speaking in London, Saturday 5th June 2010.

Respect for human rights and international law is not a policy decision, it's not a choice to be made in number 10. It's an obligation.
- Ewa Jasiewicz

What we went through on those boats and in prison was not one percent of the Palestinian experience, not one percent. The difference is we have governments that can represent us, we need to force the governments to act.
- Alex Harrison

The Free Gaza Movement

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think I've lost a bit of respect for these people who I know, unfortunately.

They both sail very close and I think over the edge of acceptable politics, and by that I mean saying "kick Israel out of the area" and referring to Israel as "1948 historical Palestine also known as Israel". Terminology in this area is thin ice, and giving tacit consent to, rather than challenging, ideas around pushing all Jews into the sea is fucking dodgy shit. Celebrating sacrifice (martyrdom?) makes me uncomfortable, or talking about the loss of humanity of all the Israeli people instead of focussing on the state and the army.

I don't like the Palestinian nationalism (represented by the flag) either - understandable that some people there want an independent state, but we should be supporting the Palestinians whilst challenging ideas of dangerous nationalism, trying to break the siege whilst trying to ensure peace and security for all in the region.

Makes me sad.