Monday, March 22, 2010

save 6music - get it done

No apologies for a further nudge to save the BBC digital radio stations 6Music and Asian Network.

As I've made clear, I've a huge personal bias for 6Music. Not just for its greatness so far, but for what it promises as a part of the musical firmament.

As Steve Lamacq put it

Don’t scrap it now before its fully discovered its true identity. Instead, in five years time, take the praise for what it will have grown into and achieved: an independently-minded station on the periphery of pop. A station which understands and celebrates our musical history – while always looking to the future.

All our Facebook indignation and sincere bloggery is worthless unless acted upon.

It's easy and fairly quick to fill out the BBC's online survey. Please get it done.

Tom Robinson explains a few key points about submitting your thoughts.

When making your views known to the Trust, here’s the crucial point:

The argument is not about whether Stuart Maconie or Bobby Friction make excellent radio shows. It’s about whether that excellence should be merged into digital offerings from fewer, bigger, more marketable “brands”.

If you are keen that Asian Network and 6 Music should survive as distinct public service offerings, then your best hope is to convince all 11 members of the BBC Trust of their importance. That there’s more to “Putting Quality First” than narrow categories and brand consolidation. And that there’s a place in the nation’s heart (and half a percent of the BBC budget) for these two small, standalone centres of excellence.

We could still win this. Help tip the odds.

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punkscience said...

Word. 6Music rules.