Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hush the many, 14 october

A while back I recommended Hush The Many's single Revolve, just writing off the top of my head, saying

Fucking hell, this band are the real deal.

As so often with early records of a band's career, the recorded stuff doesn't properly capture their live prowess. They are one of the great live bands to see, absolutely mesmerising. Sensitive yet epic, brooding, tender, mysterious, searing, captivating. Imagine if Tim Buckley was writing and playing in Placebo and you're more or less there. Now add a cello.

This new single keeps me coming back over and over, while it's on it makes the world just stop.

Gorgeous, compelling visionary stuff, it's playing live where they really take off. They're doing a one-off gig on Tuesday 14 October at the Scala in London.

Ticketless tickets are 8 quid. If you want actual paper tickets, they're a tenner each from the Scala.

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