Saturday, June 09, 2007

save the unborn, kill the living

Vicious Tory scumpig Ann Winterton was up on her hind legs in parliament this week, pushing for a bill to ensure that women who go for abortions have a seven day period between the request and the operation.

Whatever the theory, in practice most women wait an awful lot longer. I've known women wait two months, volatile, anxious and miserable as their bodies go hormone haywire.

But Winterton says that's not the case.

Whenever an attempt is made to change the law on abortion, MPs and the press are inundated with ludicrous claims from abortion groups. One such claim is that women are being kept waiting for abortions, and that any amendment, however minor, will cause that wait to be even longer. In fact, the latest figures show that 67 per cent of abortions are carried out before the 10th week of pregnancy, and 89 per cent are undertaken before 12 weeks.

Am I missing something? How does the fact that most women are waiting between two and three months mean they're not being kept waiting?

But, ever the good evangelist, Winterton doesn't let the facts get in the way of her anti-abortion stance.

Doctors 'refer girls for abortion'. Silly me, I thought it was women who got pregnant. But 'women' doesn't make people sound half as vulnerable or unable to take a serious adult decision, does it?

It's about giving 'help' (interesting term for an obligation) to those who want to 'want to keep their baby'.

A bit of elementary medical jargon for you here. 'Baby', as you might already know, is a technical term that means a human that's been born. 'Abortion' is terminating a pregnancy a long time before birth. Thus, nobody aborts a 'baby'.

But damn, 'foetus' just sounds too insubstantial. Later on, she calls them 'pre-born infants', which is rather like calling a hazelnut a pre-born tree and saying anyone who eats them is guilty of deforestation.

There needs to be action taken to undermine a the 'hardcore group of doctors' (what does that mean? I imagine white coats with studs and Hells Angels insignia).

Oh but she just loves the ickle children, right? No, she wants to see them physically assaulted by adults. In 1986 she was one of the few who voted to retain corporal punishment in schools. In her world, whoever has the power maintains it by use of violence.

From here in the middle of 2007, it seems now like we rushed into the Iraq war, with parliament practically tripping over itself to send troops in. Actually, the build up went on for months and months, with several parliamentary attempts to hold back.

On 25 November 2002 there was a vote to wait until there was a UN mandate. Ann Winterton, though, voted to press ahead.

On 26 February 2003, when people were very loudly going 'hang on a minute, this is a fucking war you're committing to on very dodgy grounds', there was a vote in parliament saying that 'the case is unproven'. Winterton voted against it and for a motion 'to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction'.

A month later there was another parliamentary vote for those who believed 'that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established, especially given the absence of specific United Nations authorisation'. Winterton, again, voted against peace. On the same day, she voted yes to war. Or, as the vote put it, to 'use all means necessary to ensure the disarmament of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction'.

Now we're sure Iraq has no WMDs, is she asking for the troops to come home? Yeah, right.

In March this year, she voted for replacing Trident. Seems it's OK for us to have illegal weapons of mass destruction to threaten the world with.

She has consistently voted against gay equality; against equal ages of consent, against civil partnerships and, most pertinently, against gay couples adopting.

There are thousands of unwanted children desperately needing love and guidance in a secure family. Winterton would rather they go further down the road to miserable isolated shitty lives if they can't be loved by a heterosexual family. Fuck you all, she cries. The sanctity of life begins at conception and ends at birth.

She holds the distinction and, presumably, some kind of record for being sacked not once but twice by the Tories for publicly telling racist jokes.

She apologised for the one about throwing Pakistanis out of trains that cost her a frontbench post, but refused to do the same for one about the deaths of Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay.

It's interesting to note both jokes involve killing people; further evidence of the way the sanctity of life ends at birth. The right to life doesn't seem to apply so much to those who are actually alive. To this day she is in favour of capital punishment.

When you see David Cameron's cuddly touchy-feely front, look over his shoulder and see who's in his gang.

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