Wednesday, January 31, 2007

green electricity

I've just finished another in what appears to be a chain of articles.

Over a year ago I did a piece called Iceland: Dam Nation about the way the Icelandic government was planning to obliterate the largest pristine wilderness in Europe to build a dam to power an aluminium smelter.

In researching that, I found shocking collusion between Greenpeace and the Icelandic government on the issue, which became another article.

In researching that one, I found all manner of foul deeds done by Greenpeace, which in turn became an article in its own right. One of those misdeeds was Greenpeace's deal with Npower - the largest emitter of CO2 in European power production - to promote their 'green electricity tariff'.

This set me wondering; what other green tariffs are out there? What's the difference between them? Are any of them for real or are they all like Npower's?

It was a tangled thick jungle of a research job, but then that's precisely the sort of thing that should be made into an accessible article.

That's now done and dusted, and i'm rather pleased with it. It exposes the scandalous lies of Npower and Scottish & Southern Energy, how and why the green tariffs of the Big Six energy companies are greenwash scams and the various merits of the three genuinely green suppliers.

It's called How Green Is Green Electricity? and it's published here.

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