Sunday, September 24, 2006

normal service will be resumed

After an intensive summer and the superb Camp for Climate Action I've been on what cultured types call a sabbatical. Seems like rather a flouncy word for a crash and burn that involves watching the entire first series of Angel in 3 days and rarely straying far from bed, but so be it.

Just as I start to push my head out, blinking hard in the daylight, a couple of other things push me back in. Another of my Newbury comrades died. Expect a rant about the funeral here soon.

Then the most insane theatrical thunderstorm - genuinely horizontal rain, purple lightning at the same instant as the thunder - killed my modem. Oh how loud the gods do speak unto me.

So, sorry if I've been away a bit long. Still, there's been other stuff to keep you going. Time-served environmental activist and writer George Marshall's got his blog, Climate Denial, which I've just linked to in the sidebar. Rhythmic Ginger has resumed blogging in fine style. Now all we need is Goldfish Nation to resume and we'll have collected the set.


Jim Bliss said...

Welcome back. About bloody time too.

(Did you get that seedee I sent you by the way?)

PS: the "word verification" thingie that I have to fill in to make this comment reads "goolie".

Kirsty said...

Glad you're back, sorry to hear about your friend though, that sucks.

RA said...

go back to bed you fat nazi

cookie said...

In my own burn out recovery programme after a climate camp in Ozzieland..

48 Hours. Buffy season 3 (22 episodes). Followed that evening with 'Bring it on" (chearleading movie with Faith & Glory actresses) then the First two of Angel season 1.

My concept of reality is being challenged.