Friday, July 28, 2006

do the right thing

Climate change is such a vast and scary issue. Many other issues that we care passionately about - wildlife, famine, forests - are involved to a huge degree.

If we don't avert the looming effects, the damage and destruction will be as big as any humanity has ever seen. It is our generation, the next couple of decades, that takes the decision on this.

Do we keep going with frivolous use of resources and damn all future generations, or do we take responsibility?

It's such a big task that we are daunted, we can't see where to begin. So, outside of changes in our personal lifestyle, we do very little. That has to change.

Everyone knows what we need to do, they're just waiting for someone to say 'let's do it then!'.

Let's be that someone. Let's kickstart an urgent, radical push for what needs to be done.

There are many ways in which we're closer to a solution than with other issues; we don't have to raise the issue, explain it, or say what needs to be done. The facts are well-known, the arguments largely won.

The grounds for debate have already moved away from 'is it really happening?'. Let's push them on beyond 'how do we maintain our current energy use?' to 'how do we move swiftly and safely away from overconsumption?'.

Let's get together, network, plan, strategise, inspire and act.

As I've already mentioned here and elsewhere, The Camp for Climate Action takes place between 26th August and 4th September. That's now less than a month away. Time to start working out your time off.

It's in Yorkshire, near Drax power station, the largest emitter of CO2 in the country. Even if you can't come for all of it, come for some. Get connected, use what you've got to try to make the changes so urgently needed.

We don't know how possible we are; we do know that the only way to be sure to fail is not to try.

See you there.

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